You Need A Fan Club


You do.   I kid you not. 

You need a real fan club with people who sing your praises, who will talk about you behind your back and in front of your face.   You need a fan club of people who will write gloriously about you, who will make audio recordings of how much they love you and even on occasion, a video exclaiming how much you mean to them.

Yep.  You gotta have a fan club.  You my friend, need “Groupies”. 

Here’s why.

If you sell stuff like custom printing, financial tools, marketing products or most anything else where your opinion matters, then you need fans.  Why?  Because credibility matters more than ever.  

In this over whelmed, data spewing, low trust environment clients and prospects live in today, your influence, opinion, intelligence and skill will have more to say about a customer buying products in this space than ever before. You need your personal fan club at your fingertips to help you sell yourself. 

You need credibility because when you sell this stuff, you are more important.  Credibility keeps the sale alive and moving.  What you do, what you say, what you know and how you sell is a bigger influencer to the client’s buying decision process here than when you are selling for example,  ink cartridges or packing tape.  

  • Imagine a DVD you leave with a prospect that is just testimonials about you and your work
  • Imagine the link to YouTube you send that has one of your happy customers praising you and your skills.
  • Imagine a customer testimonial reference list complete with phone numbers printed on the back of your business card.



Get started today building your fan club.    Ask for and collect testimonials.  Collect great examples of the work you have done and package them up.  Get started and build the tools online and offline to advertise you to prospective fans. 

Do it well and you’ll get more customers.   Heck,  if you’re not careful you might get a van full of Groupies following you around where ever you go!

Till next time,

Grow The Business.



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