Quit Worrying About Sales


Quit worrying about making sales, sales people.

Quit worrying about the sales results, marketing people.

Quit worrying about sales performance at all, leaders of any type.

Just stop.   

Sales are not the issue here.  Meaningful Conversations are the issue.  We don’t have enough of them.

  • Worry more about that in the 81 customers you spoke with today, you only had 9 meaningful conversations; conversations about helping them solve a problem or to make things better or something.  Move that meaningful conversation number to 19 a day and more sales will follow.
  • Worry more about the 43  Voicemail messages you leave everyday and that maybe just 3 customers on average ever returns your darn call.   Work on making those voicemails more compelling and interesting and get those returned calls to 10 and more sales will follow. 
  • Worry more about how to entice a customer to hear (just hear! not buy anything) about how your company is different or better or smarter than the competition.  Worry about that and worry hard, and more sales will follow.
  • Worry more about how and which ways to get meaningful conversations going customers than worrying about all the tracking sheets, the coaching conversations, the sales huddles, the campaigns, the contact plans and the emails largely focused on you and “where you are with the numbers” and “where you need to be”.  Instead of worrying about the what, worry about the how and sales will follow.
  • Worry more about fixing “the wrong problem” for if you do fix it –  it is the absolute worst thing any person or organization can do.  Fixing the wrong problem ( “I need sales!”) results in sales that cancel in a month and litter the prospecting landscape with your bad name and arm twisting tactics.   Sales is the “wrong problem” to worry about people, it really is.  

Meaningful Conversations on the contrary, are well worth your worry and mine.  

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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