6 To Ponder


These 6 questions are rarely ever posed as questions.  Everyone just presumes what the answers are.   That in itself is questionable.

Bring these questions into your next staff meeting or into your next business building brainstorming session or hell, just print em’ off and bring them to bar after work with some of your colleagues.

Discuss these questions.   Questionable stuff these questions are and they need some good answers.   Take your time, they’re biggies.

  1. Almost everyone says the key to Sales is “Listening”.   But what good is being a great listener if you can’t get your customer to truly talk to you?  And really, isn’t that the bigger problem these days? 
  2. If your Mantra is “Sell, Sell, Sell!” but you spend 90% of your day teaching and preaching only to efficiencies and work habits, should you change your Mantra or change your approach?  
  3. Isn’t it true that overcoming customer objections is the least of our worries compared to not having enough true customer objections to begin with?  
  4. When will the Content quality of Social Media become more important than the fact that media has become more social? 
  5. Instead of leaders trying to get people to be really good at 5 different skills at work; what if we created just more opportunities for them to do what they do well?  Wouldn’t we all be more successful?  
  6. Do we really think we can train tone, empathy, enthusiasm and sincerity in a training class?  Isn’t that like trying to train someone to be intelligent?

You’ve got some strong feelings on the answers or have more questions to ponder I bet.  We’re all ears.

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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