Remembrance & The Best Advice Ever


I had my moments this weekend.  

Moments when I should have personally used the best advice ever, but forgot.  When I did remember the advice, the setting made me feel a little embarrassed that I had forgotten it. 

The advice is grand, and its use can be grand.  Memorial Day has just passed and the men and women whose sacrifice allows us to do and be what we are today applied this advice in spades.  The advice is glorious and powerful when applied to issues large or small.  Here it is:

 It’s not what happens to you that matters most, but it’s how you react to what happens that does.

Dozens claim to have authored the advice but no matter as in this case, it’s the advice that should stick; not the source.

My moments this weekend were trivial compared to soldiers who chose and choose to react to war by joining the forces that protect this country.  But that’s OK because my reactions though significantly less impactful than our soldiers reactions,  influence my children, my wife, my colleagues, my friends, my customers and my work.  So truly, how I react to things that happen matters more than what actually happens to just me, as others are always involved. 

When I saw the flags lining the street on Saturday and when I saw Boy Scouts planting flags by each veteran’s grave, I remembered that best advice ever. 

I can get bad news, a bad report or even a bad look from a stranger and choose to anger, to revenge, to feel victimized.  Or I can get bad news and chose to be thoughtful, be assertive, to be selfless.  I don’t always control what happens but I sure as hell can control the reaction.

I pledge to do better at applying that advice beginning today, in honor of those who did it so well before me.  How about you?     

Till next time,

Grow The Business.


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